Integra Service

WAJapan Integra Service

WAJapan Integra Service, defined as our dominant service, selects welding materials excellent in wear resistance and corrosion resistance and provides cladding service.
Our welding services can be selected from two types, “site welding” and “shop welding”. “Site welding” provides flexible service to the customer when the component maintenance plan/period below are restricted. “Shop welding” performs rebuilding in our new workshop designed specifically for cladding.

Site welding

Our welding technician brings the automatic welding system and a set of auxiliary equipment for cladding to the customer’s site after inspection of the component at the customer’s workshop, and performs cladding for rebuilding after taking safety training.
During execution of welding work, we always communicate with the customer, work on the progress report of work, safety measures as well as quality assurance based on ISO9001, making engineers aware of them in the training every day.
After completion of the welding service, we perform a simple report. About a week after the welding service, we submit a welding completion report including suggestion.

Also, according to the customer’s maintenance plan/period, a 24 hour welding service is available. Site welding is recommended for the customer who puts the highest priority on the shortening of the component maintenance plan/period.  [Moving video example of Site welding]

Shop welding

In May, 2012, we constructed a workshop designed specifically for rebuilding of worn components to provide cladding work, which is in operation. Using our experience of ISO9001 accreditation in our previous workshop (in Iwatsuki Industrial Park), we make improvements every day to offer safer and more efficient operation.

In the workshop, a variety of equipment, including the rotating equipment exclusive to crushing equipment, the equipment for rebuilding of boiler panels, and the equipment for rebuilding of screw conveyors, is installed to enable us to provide cladding service using multiple equipment simultaneously. The room specifically designed for gouging that emits no welding fume is kept to improve dustproofing and soundproofing.

Shop welding is recommended for the customer who has sufficient time, or for well-planned rebuilding. A private show can be arranged at customers’ request.

Application examples

We have a following application examples in each industries.[Application examples]

・Application examples in steel-making industry
・Application examples in cement industry
・Application examples in electric power industry and waste power generation industry
・Application examples in sugar production industry and food industry
・Application examples in earth moving, mining and quarry industries
・Application examples in oil and petrochemical industry